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Founded in 1989, Mary's Media is a non profit tax exempt foundation dedicated to the dissemination of information on the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as historical documentary films on the growth of Christianity in Asia, Europe and the western world.
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Mary's Media Foundation actively promotes the broadcast and sale of its many films on television and the internet. We also distribute audio CDs directly to the public on subjects like the history of the Rosary, prophecy, and other related topics of historical religious significance.

New Film -
Christina Gallagher - A Prophet For Our Time

To be controlled by human nature results in death;
to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.

Christina Gallagher: A young housewife from the west coast of Ireland, began receiving visits and messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1988 and would, at Mary’s request 5 years later found the first of a number of Houses of Prayer in Ireland and elsewhere as a respite for priests and lay people alike.

Messages and prophecies Christina has received from Jesus and Mary through the years have been unfailingly accurate including the World Trade Center collapse, stock market crash, disasters in Iran, Chechnya, Africa, dramatic weather changes, plagues and much more. Hundreds of physical healings are documented along with thousands spiritually healed. God is strongly at work in Christina’s ministry!

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Medjugorje - The Way Home

Holy Rosary Super Sale
on Beautiful Marian Films

3 for $30 Special #1

• When Up is Down in America - God's Warnings
• Christina Gallagher -
A Current Day Prophet
• The Eternal City -
Rome and The Papacy

Three powerful and inspirational films for just $30. See below for more information.

3 for $30 Special #2

Mary's Land - Love of Mary Foils Devil's Advocates
Mary's House - All Are Invited - The house built by Saint John
Medjugorje - The Way Home
- Experience Medjugorje

Three more powerful and inspirational films for just $30.

Buy One - Get One Free Specials
Two for One Special #1

Eldest Daughter of the Church (France) and "White Dove of Peace" (England) Two Award Winning Documentaries. Over Nine Hours of Fabulous Viewing. A $130 value for just $65.

Two for One Special #2

River of Light (Mary's appearances in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, US) and The Eternal City Filmed on location in Rome, Lebanon, Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus and France. Click here for more information. A $90 value for just $45.

Two for One Special #3

Mary's House where Blessed Mother spent the last years of her life and The Eternal City Filmed on location in Rome, Lebanon, Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus and France. Click here for more information. A $30 value for just $15.

New Film - When Up Is Down In America

The new film "When up Is Down in America" explains why judgment and chastisement for the U.S. grows closer unless there is a serious moral, spiritual and cultural change in behavior.

There are many urgent signs and warnings (including ones for New York and California) being given by Jesus, His Mother Mary, and their Prophets that behavioral change is urgently needed as we continue to test God's patience as never before in history. While we do serve a loving, patient merciful God who has shown throughout history in nations like Rome, Egypt and others that when the line of egregious behavior has been crossed too many times He will judge and punish His children as a Father would. As explained in the film we are crossing that line over and over now!

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Medjugorje - The Way Home
New Film - Apparition Hill
A film about life ... and what comes after.

Seven strangers investigate reports of miracles and supernatural phenomena in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where locals say the Virgin Mary has been appearing since 1981.

A very deep, moving, and inspiring film.

A $26.00 value for just $19.95

Medjugorje - The Way Home

New Film Update - Garabandal - The Final Warnings
New film gives credibility to The Blessed Mother's prophecies
being closer to fulfillment in the modern world.

In another attempt to get nations and mankind to repent, change behavior and obey His commandments, Almighty God via the Blessed Mother, gave messages and warnings for the world to four children in Garabandal.

Mary's Land - Dramatic New Film Changing Hearts and Minds!
Love of Mary Foils Devil's Advocate Worldwide

New feature film reveals the existence of God through Blessed Mother's intervention in the world. A humorous devils advocate is foiled wherever he travels. Beautiful footage of God's creation, startling conversion stories and a surprising ending. Now in theaters in Europe, South America, and here!

The Devil's Advocate receives a new mission: to fearlessly investigate those who still trust Heaven's formulas. Are they swindlers? Swindled? If he discovers that their beliefs are bogus, our lives will remain the same. But - what if they're not a fairy tale?

New Video - Mary's House - All are Invited

Mary's House - All Are Invited
A Very Special Film!
TV Broadcasts on EWTN and PBS

This new film chronicles the rediscovery of the house in Ephesus where the Blessed Virgin spent the last nine years of her life and from which she was assumed into heaven. Pope Benedict XVI Said Mass here Nov. 29, 2006 on His Mission of Peace to Turkey.

See details and a preview here.

"I am grateful for all you have done to enable
television viewers to travel
on this wonderful pilgrimage"

John Cardinal O'Connor

New Video - Mary's House - All are Invited

The Triumph
A Film Which Will Touch the Hearts of
Everyone Who Watches It

A young man with a history of alcohol and drug issues is filmed throughout his pilgrimage to Medjigorje.

The film dramatizes his exposure to reported apparitions, visionaries and other young people residing in a treatment center in Medjugorje attempting to change their lives.

The films conclusion is both surprising and inspiring!

Medjugorje - The Way Home

The Father's Gift
Truly Appreciating the Eucharist

Travel the world and hear dramatic accounts of personal spiritual conversions via the Holy Eucharist.

Well respected theologians like Sr. Briege McKenna O.S.C. and Fr. Rene Laurentin provide enlightened spiritual insights on the True Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Medjugorje - The Way Home

New Film on Medjugorje
Highlights Important New Vatican Actions
Medjugorje - The Way Home

Cardinal Schönborn, Close Friend of Pope states
"It's hard to say it's Not from God"
after visit to Medjugorje!

New Film Updates the Medjugorje Experience while clearly Illustrating Mary's teachings on finding our way home to Jesus and the Father. Beautiful sequences and music throughout! (Price of 19.95 includes shipping)

Click here to watch a full preview of the film.
This special film is available now.

Medjugorje - The Way Home

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