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Three New Catholic Marian Film DVDs
Our Lady's Houses of Prayer

Major Healings, Gifts, and Graces
Dramatic Eucharistic Miracles
Important New Messages from Jesus

This film details the many gifts, graces and healings associated with those who will faithfully pray at Our lad’s Houses of Prayer. It also gives details of three significant Eucharistic Miracles that have occurred at the houses and covers two recent important messages from Jesus regarding the serious state of the world today. These messages involve the evil attempted takeover of church leadership, the spread of war throughout the world, (including the Americas) and sinister forces developing a chip to monitor mankind.

Includes the film Christina Gallagher - A Prophet For Our Time. See details Below.

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Catholic Marian Film DVD Christina Gallagher Our Lady's Houses of Prayer

Christina Gallagher - A Prophet For Our Time
To be controlled by human nature results in death;
to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.

Christina Gallagher: A young Catholic housewife from the west coast of Ireland, began receiving visits and messages from the The Blessed Virgin Mary in 1988 and would, at Mary’s request 5 years later found the first of a number of Houses of Prayer in Ireland and elsewhere as a respite for priests and lay people alike.

On this DVD, Messages and prophecies Christina has received from Jesus and The Blessed Virgin Mary through the years have been unfailingly accurate including the World Trade Center collapse, stock market crash, weathe disasters, plagues and much more. Hundreds of physical healings are documented along with thousands spiritually healed.

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Catholic Marian Film DVD Christina Gallagher

When Up Is Down In America

The new film "When up Is Down in America" explains why judgment and chastisement for the U.S. grows closer unless there is a serious moral, spiritual and cultural change in behavior as we continue to mirror end-times of Rome, Egypt, and others.

There are many urgent signs and warnings (including ones for New York and California) being given by Jesus, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and their Prophets that behavioral change is urgently needed as we continue to test God's patience as never before in history.

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Catholic Marian Film DVD When Up is Down in America

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