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Mary's Land - Dramatic New Film Changing Hearts and Lives!
Love of Mary Foils Devil's Advocate Worldwide

This new feature film reveals the existence of God through Blessed Mother's intervention in the world. A humorous devils advocate is foiled wherever he travels. Beautiful footage of God's creation, startling conversion stories and a surprising ending. Now in theaters in Europe, South America and here!

The Devil's Advocate receives a new mission: to fearlessly investigate those who still trust Heaven's formulas. Are they swindlers? Swindled? If he discovers that their beliefs are bogus, our lives will remain the same. But - what if they're not a fairy tale?

Here are a few quotes from viewers after seeing the film;
  • "Moves you like a veritable earthquake! An enormous gift for my life."
  • "It's addictive- makes you want to watch it again and record it in the memory of your soul."
  • "Beautiful, sweet, hopeful. Words cannot describe the feelings and happiness I experienced."
  • "You end up with a resolute desire to want to be better, of loving more."

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