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Best Selling Catholic and Marian Films

Christina Gallagher - A Prophet For Our Time

To be controlled by human nature results in death;
To be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.

Christina Gallagher: A young housewife from the west coast of Ireland, began receiving visits and messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1988 and would, at Mary’s request 5 years later found the first of a number of Houses of Prayer in Ireland and elsewhere as a respite for priests and lay people alike.

Messages and prophecies Christina has received from Jesus and Mary through the years have been unfailingly accurate including the World Trade Center collapse, stock market crash, disasters in Iran, Chechnya, Africa, dramatic weather changes, plagues and much more. Hundreds of physical healings are documented along with thousands spiritually healed. God is strongly at work in Christina’s ministry!

Click here for a preview and more information.

Catholic Marian Film Christina Gallagher - Prophet For Our Time

Mary's House - All Are Invited

Takes viewers on a pilgrimage throughout the shrines of the Biblical City of Ephesus ending with the complete story of the discovery and tour of the house St. John had built for the Blessed Mother high on top of Mt. Nightingale in Ephesus where she would live the last 9 years of her life. Click here to see a preview.

Mary's House has aired on TV throughout the world including the U.S., Europe, Russia, Korea, Australia and South America. (Available in 9 languages incl. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Polish.Available in DVD and VHS.

The video is available through Mary's Media Foundation at $15.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.

Numerous other Marian videos are available via Mary's Media. Click here for a full list, descriptions and prices.

Catholic Marian Film DVD VHS - Mary's House All Are Invited

Mary's Land
A Dramatic New Film Changing Hearts and Lives!

Love of Mary Foils Devil's Advocate Worldwide
This new feature film reveals the existence of God through the Virgin Mary's intervention in the world. Mary's Land is a powerful and inspirational new film which uses a comedic foil in the person of the "Devil's Advocate" who travels the world in an attempt to shake the faith of Christians and prove that God, the Bible, and His teachings are but fairy tales. Various men and women are interviewed each recounting their personal experiences with God/and or His Mother Mary. Their stories are dramatic both from the despair they once felt to the joy of their conversations and restored belief and faith in God and His Mother Mary. - $15.00.

Here are a few quotes from viewers after seeing the film;

"Moves you like a veritable earthquake! An enormous gift for my life."  "It's addictive- makes you want to watch it again and record it in the memory of your soul."  "Beautiful, sweet, hopeful. Words cannot describe the feelings and happiness I experienced."  "You end up with a resolute desire to want to be better, of loving more."

Click here for more information and a preview.

* This item may be purchased as part of our "Buy one get one Free" Special. See above for details.

Catholic Marian DVD Mary's Land

The Eldest Daughter of the Church
Catholic Marian Film DVD The Eldest Daughter of the Church

Almost five hours of viewing on three DVDs

Complete film available in DVD.
Individual parts only available in VHS.

The Eldest Daughter of the Church is filmed on location in France and Rome. Superb cinematography, haunting, inspirational, classical music, and a wonderfully narrated story of the spiritual destiny of France, all go to make this an exceptionally beautiful film.

Heart of the Lily: The story of Mary Magdalen's journey to Provence in southern France, and how the seed which she and the early disciples left in Roman Gaul blossomed into a garden of saints and Churches, most notable in the Abbey town of Paray-le-Monial where Jesus revealed the treasure of His Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Where the World Begins: How France in the last hundred years has been called to fulfill her destiny as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, and reveals how posterity will one day see that her greatness is remembered not so much through the accomplishments of temporal leaders, but in the heroism of her saints and victim sours of love who suffered so much to expiate for the apostasy of the nation as a whole.

Part I The Eldest Daughter 59 Minutes

Part II Sun of Justice 59 Minutes

Part III Hope Springs Eternal 85 Minutes

Part IV Triumph of the Cross 85 Minutes

Full Set All 4 Eldest Daughter of the Church videos   $45.00

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