Christina Gallagher - A Prophet for Our Time

To be controlled by human nature results in death;
to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.

Christina Gallagher: A young housewife from the west coast of Ireland, began receiving visits and messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1988 and would, at Mary’s request 5 years later found the first of a number of Houses of Prayer in Ireland and elsewhere as a respite for priests and lay people alike.

Messages and prophecies Christina has received from Jesus and Mary through the years have been unfailingly accurate including the World Trade Center collapse, stock market crash, disasters in Iran, Chechnya, Africa, dramatic weather changes, plagues and much more. Hundreds of physical healings are documented along with thousands spiritually healed. God is strongly at work in Christina’s ministry!

In January 1988, Christina Gallagher, a young Irish woman from a modest background had her first encounter and visit with the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dublin, Ireland. From that moment on, Christina's life was forever changed as she would have many more visits from the Blessed Mother who guided her spiritual growth, prayer life, and religious education. Over a period of time, Christina would also encounter Jesus and would receive gifts of the Holy Spirit including Prophesy, Wisdom, Healing, and Infused Knowledge.

In 1992 the Blessed Mother informed Christina she desired to have a house of prayer created in Achill, Ireland as a refuge for priests and a place of prayer for all. With God's help, Christina accomplished the difficult task of raising funds necessary to renovate a large building which in 1993 the local bishop consecrated as the first Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer. (Both spiritual and physical healings have been abundant through God's grace). Three other houses now exist in Minnesota, Texas, and Florida, with a fourth house of prayer now being renovated in New York which Jesus indicated was seriously needed.

This film details both Christina's spiritual journey and how Christina's gift of prophesy has been unfailingly demonstrated over many years all over the world including Ireland, Africa, Iran, Russia, New York along with numerous prophesies of dramatic and severe weather changes. You will also learn how messages from Jesus have grown more urgent about increasing disease, worldwide war, serious weather upheaval, and violence as the spirit of antichrist rages throughout the world. Prayer, sacrifice, and atonement are the answer if we expect Almighty God to continue to have mercy on people and nations.

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