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John Bird Rest in Peace

Dear Friends:

It is with great sadness that I inform you that my good friend John Bird died yesterday while on a visit to Garabandal, Spain site of the the Blessed Mother's appearances & messages  to four children from 1961-65.  John had not been feeling well recently and passed away peacefully during the early morning hours on March 7.  John was accompanied by his cousin Justin Bird to Garabandal and will be buried in Garabandal today.

As you may know, John was a giant in his service to almighty God, an expert on church history, all things Marian, a lecturer, publisher of books and creator of numerous extremely informative and beautiful catholic documentary films with particular emphasis on our Blessed Mother. John was for many years a senior executive with 20th Century Fox Films and Paramount Pictures where he worked producing many major motion pictures.  He also produced a number of films for television with English & European broadcasters including the BBC.  However, during the mid 1980s after a visit to Lourdes in France that John turned his attention full time to the service of Jesus, Mary, and the Church.

I have had the great privledge of knowing John as a friend and working with him on a number of film projects over almost 30 years.  To say I will miss his counsel and friendship is a great understatement and I am sure those of you who knew John will feel the same.  Please pray for John and if so inclined please make a contribution of any size to either a Marian center or Pro Life group. 

Mary's Media Foundation's very first project in 1989-90 was helping John get his film "Madonna of Medjugorje" on TV nationally via PBS where with help from above it ran for many years throughout the U.S.  We will continue to promote John's films which are now classics including Hill of Redemption, Eternal City, Vision of Freedom, Eldest Daughter of the Church, White Dove of Peace, Vision of Freedom,  Rock of Truth, River of Light.

Rest in Peace John Bird-Your wonderful work is done!!

Bill Luceno March 8, 2018

John Bird's Latest Films
Offered Exclusively by Mary's Media Foundation

The Eldest Daughter of the Church
The Eldest Daughter of
			 the Church Almost five hours of viewing on three DVDs.

Complete film available in DVD.
Individual parts only available in VHS.

The Eldest Daughter of the Church is filmed on location in France and Rome. Superb cinematography, haunting, inspirational, classical music, and a wonderfully narrated story of the spiritual destiny of France, all go to make this an exceptionally beautiful film.

Heart of the Lily: The story of Mary Magdalen's journey to Provence in southern France, and how the seed which she and the early disciples left in Roman Gaul blossomed into a garden of saints and Churches, most notable in the Abbey town of Paray-le-Monial where Jesus revealed the treasure of His Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Where the World Begins: How France in the last hundred years has been called to fulfill her destiny as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, and reveals how posterity will one day see that her greatness is remembered not so much through the accomplishments of temporal leaders, but in the heroism of her saints and victim sours of love who suffered so much to expiate for the apostasy of the nation as a whole.

Part I The Eldest Daughter 59 Minutes

Part II Sun of Justice 59 Minutes

Part III Hope Springs Eternal 85 Minutes

Part IV Triumph of the Cross 85 Minutes

Full Set All 4 Eldest Daughter of the Church videos   $45.00

The White Dove of Peace

Those who died in England in defense of the Truth and for their faith at the time of the Reformation and beyond, were regarded by their contemporaries as the equal of those martyred in the early persecutions of the Church, and that they like them were worthy of veneration and cult.

That a great nation like England, should have given to the world, and to history, a witness so uncompromising, serene and heroic, is a fact which should fill the students of history with admiration, reminding them that this 'Isle of Saints' gave to posterity so many who loved so generously and so selflessly.

The White Dove of Peace

Set of All Four   $45.00

Part I
  • 1987 Beatification of Martyrs of England and Wales by Pope John Paul I
  • St. Alban, first English Marty
  • Pope St. Gregory the Great
  • St. Augustine of Canterbury
Part II
  • St. Patrick
  • St. Columba
  • St. Oswald
  • St. Aidan
  • St. Cuthbert
  • St. Bede the Venerable
  • King Alfred the Great
  • St. Dunstan
  • St. Edward the Confessor
Part III
  • Our Lady of Walsingham – The Annunciation (1061)
  • St. John Fisher
  • St. Thomas More
  • English Martyrs of the Reformation.
Part IV
  • Cardinal John Newman
  • Cardinal Nicolas Wiseman
  • Cardinal Manning
  • Bl. Dominic Barberi
  • Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham
  • Pope Paul VI – Canonization of English Martyrs and John Fisher and Thomas More
  • The Lady of All Nations – Amsterdam
  • Pope John Paul II

River of Light

Filmed on location in Spain, Portugal, U.S. and Mexico. A compelling journey in time, through the vast landscape of Catholic Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.

River of Light is a pilgrimage through time; through the age of the Romans and the kingdoms of the Visigoths; through the days of persecution when Churches and places of worship were destroyed, but were later rebuilt and restored; and through the centuries of resilience which it took to make this country a unified kingdom, in which the rewards are so precious because they were so hard won.

Spain was also a country predestined by God to conquer and evangelise the new world which in time would mirror the mother country from which it was born.

River of Light

Part I
  • St. James (Zebedee) Apostle - patron of Spain
  • Our Lady of the Pillar at Zaragoza
  • Pilgrim road - El Camino de Santiago
  • Santiago de Compostela - Shrine of St. James
Part II
  • Fatima - Portugal, 1916-1917
  • Blessed Virgin Mary and the Muslims
  • Apparitions in Cairo - Egypt, 1968-1971
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Extremadura - Spain
  • Queen Isabel
  • Christopher Columbus

Part III
  • Cortez conquest, and the evangelisation of Mexico
  • Blessed Juan Diego
  • Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Tepeyac 1531
Part IV
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico
  • Apparition of St. Michael at San Miguel De Milagro in Tlaxcala 1631
  • Miraculous statue at Ocotlan
  • Maria Agreda de Jesus
  • St. Junipero Serra - Saint of California
  • Fr Miguel Pro

The Rock of Truth

Filmed on location in Rome, Cyprus and Palestine.
55 minutes.

The Rock of Truth reveals the extraordinary story of a man who, in his younger days, was an active militant communist, a trolley bus-conductor, a fundamentalist religious zealot who sought to kill a pope, and a modern day persecutor of the Catholic Church, who then had a miraculous conversion, at a place close to the site of the martyrdom of one of the very first persecutors of the Church, "St. Paul whose miraculous conversion on the road to Damascus inspired him to bring Christ to the peoples of the Roman Empire."

Bruno Cornacchiola had come to Tre Fontane to make some notes for a speech he was to give the following day, in which he would denounce the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Little did he realize how close he was to the One he sought to discredit, for that same afternoon She was to appear to him and his children in a cave on the hillside there.

The Rock of Truth

The Rock of Truth  $15.00

Hill Of Redemption

This film is devoted to chronicling the path of Christianity in Japan, its martyrs, and events leading up to the Statue of Our Lady in Akita, which miraculously shed tears 101 times and bled from the hand: 101 minutes. Madonna of Medjugorje

Hill Of Redemption  $19.95

Madonna of Medjugorje

The story of the apparitions of Our Blessed Lady to six young adults in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia: 55 minutes. Madonna of Medjugorje

Madonna of Medjugorje  $15.00

A Vision of Freedom

The story of the persecuted Ukrainian Catholic Church and Our Lady's appearances to over 500,000 people in the Ukraine during 1987-89: 55 minutes. Vision of Freedom

A Vision of Freedom  $15.00

The Eternal City

Offered in two parts of 55 minutes each on one video for $15.00. Filmed on location in Rome, Lebanon, Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus and France.

Ancient and modern Rome, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Asia Minor, Italy, The Vatican, are the background to The Eternal City... the new Jerusalem.

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Heart of the mystical Body of Christ. Brought vividly to life through a kaleidoscope of events and historical locations, which make up this film.

This is the story of the unbroken 2000-year continuity of Catholic Apostolic authority and doctrinal truth.

Part I
  • St. Agnes
  • St. Clement (pope)
  • St. Calixtus
  • St. Cecilia
  • St. George
  • St. Sebastian
  • Tomb of St. Peter
  • St. Helena (Mother of the Emperor Constantine)
  • St. Maroun (Lebanon)
  • St. Charbel (Lebanon)
  • Bl Rafka Shebek Rayess (Lebanon)
  • Council of Ephesus 431 - Dogma Theotokos - Mother of God
  • Pope St. Gregory (The Great)
  • Pope Leo III - Charlemagne
The Eternal City

Part II
  • St. Catherine of Siena
  • Papal Swiss Guards
  • St. Ignatius Loyola
  • Pope Pius IX
  • Dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 1854
  • Vatican City
  • Pope Pius XII
  • Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary-1950
  • Pope Paul VI
  • Mary's house at Ephesus
  • Pope John Paul II
Buy Both Parts
Nearly Two Hours Long

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